Recliners & Armchairs

Recliner chairs can take you to new levels of comfort and relaxation, and you can choose to have a large number of the sofas, armchairs and lounge suites in our range fitted with a recliner for added luxury and enjoyment.

Many of our most popular lounge suite ranges give you the option of adding either a manually operated or an electric recliner to a sofa or armchair, giving you added flexibility and versatility as to how your suite is configured.


Recliners are the ultimate in comfort, and are ideal for creating a home theatre or simply a relaxing space that the whole family can enjoy. The reclining back and extending leg rest enables recliners to be easily adjusted so that you are always sitting in the most comfortable position whatever you’re doing, whether on a sofa, modular, or taking it easy in an armchair.

We also have a selection of lift chairs designed specifically to provide additional levels of comfort and support for anyone who might have limited mobility, and which make it easier and safer for them to transition between sitting and standing.

SA Lounge Suites recliners are available in a wide variety of styles, colours and fabrics, and so whether you are looking to crate a sleek, modern design concept, or favour a more traditional look, we can supply the ideal recliner to complement your decor.


Our lounge suite ranges also include individual armchairs that give you even greater choice and flexibility as to how you use the space in your home and configure the seating.

Armchairs are available in an array of styles to suit any design concept, and you can choose from a huge selection of colours and fabrics (including genuine leather) to find the right mix for both your decor and lifestyle.

As many of our armchairs are designed and manufactured here in Adelaide, you have the option of creating custom, made-to-measure pieces that are made to your precise needs and specifications.

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