While every home has a dining table, not every dining table is the same. 

At SA Lounge Suites we have an exceptional range of dining tables that are the epitome of stylish, contemporary design, and which will enhance the decor of any home. 

We are proud to offer a selection of beautiful dining tables designed and handcrafted here in Adelaide from a range of timbers, including Australian Messmate, Tasmanian Oak, American Oak, American Walnut, Blackwood and Jarrah.

The majority of our dining table range is made by hand by South Australian furniture makers rather than brought in flat packed from overseas, so not only are you able to enjoy a quality piece of furniture, you are also supporting the local economy and craftsmen. 

This also means that as well as being able to choose the timber, you can further customise your dining table through selecting the stain and the way the edges are profiled, so that it complements your entire design concept whether in the dining room, the kitchen, under the verandah or elsewhere in your home.

Our dining tables are available in a range of dimensions, making them suitable both for large and more intimate spaces, while the natural timbers add a real sense of warmth to any room. Our tables are also notable for the way in which they incorporate innovative design features that highlight both the wood and the unique construction. 

We also stock a selection of complementary coffee tables, so you can create design continuity throughout your home. 

What makes our dining table range so distinctive is the excellence of the design, the attention to detail, and the outstanding craftsmanship. Showcasing the best of contemporary Australian design, our tables manage to combine elegance and modernity so that they are not merely functional, but can be viewed as centrepieces in their own right. 

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