The sophisticated, chic, and ultra-modern Esena dining table exemplifies the pinnacle of contemporary Australian furniture design.

Handcrafted in Australia, the Esena is offered in American Oak or Messmate, with a selection of stains to harmonize with your decor. The stunning black base has the option of being stained with a clear finish.

A visual masterpiece and a testament to local craftsmanship, the Esena dining table is a focal point that will elevate the aesthetic and ambiance of any dining space.

Being locally handcrafted sets the Esena apart from flatpack imports, allowing for a range of customization options, from custom-made sizing to the profiling of edges.

The striking design of the Esena serves a practical purpose, eliminating awkward corner legs and enabling you to accommodate more guests comfortably.

View the Esena at the Keswick Concept Showroom

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